intiutive eating, intermittent fasting, medical intuitives and more?

The science and research regarding these approaches are awesome. However, we have major life changes, emotional triggers and comfort cravings that may make these modalities more difficult to implement during our day to day routines.

I want you to feel supported with every meal, during every day by trusting your own intuition.

Some days, we have to adjust to what is going on in your physical, emotional and spiritual environment. We aren't static, we are DYNAMIC.
Our nervous system is meant to ANTICIPATE your needs.
It surveys your environment constantly, looking for threats. Our nervous system is still programmed this way, constantly looking for threats, AND it is also looking for magic, your desires and support your cragings.
This is called our Sympathetic Nervous system.

Many cultures, religions, and philosophies have rituals around meal times. What is your way to connect with yourself? Are you more often discouraged than excited to eat and meal plan?
The main reasons to add in the 4-Steps are to relax your nervous system, gain clarity, and connect to a deeper or higher source.

the LIGHTEN Your Load 24-hour light
day of eating experiment

to your current life to help you feel a deeper sense of safety, reprogram your nervous system to release fight and flight quicker and help your organs and body take a break to cleanse and function better.

This is called autophagy: A well-regulated, orderly process of breaking down and recycling various cellular components—a self-renewal method.

Each time you practice this light day of eating, it will help your mental, emotional and physical bodies take a big exhale.

Our body can initiate healing itself during these renewal phases.

different than a structured Intermittent Fast?

Life changes

This approach allows you to be more flexible rather than forcing your eating window every day. Fasting for extended periods doesn’t work for certain body types and people. It may put your body into fat storage mode rather than utilizing fat for energy.

You don’t do it every day

Instead, begin with once a month and work up to once a week if it aligns with your lifestyle. And if you feel anxious and nervous, this is normal. I want you to feel you can TRY this versus feeling like you can’t succeed.

You ADD nourishment

Do not start with a water-only experiment; again, have tea, minerals, broth, veggies, and even a piece of fruit. Trying to do it perfectly out of the gate may cause more stress than a piece of fruit.

You work WITH your emotional and mental well-being

Approach this by helping your psyche more than focusing on your physical body.


Your blood sugar is more balanced
Your happy hormones are increasing
Intense cravings were reduced dramatically
You have more energy the days FOLLOWING the light day
Mental clarity and beginning new projects
And you don’t have to give up your coffee

“Thank YOU, thank you, thank you! You are such an inspiration to me. I feel rejuvenated to experiment more with light eating. My daily water intake is already increased since you suggested the 16oz. 1st thing in the morning after brushing teeth. I am noticing differences already. So grateful for you!” M.H.